If so, you must attend this discovery day and learn more about our Coaching and NLP programme designed to help empower tomorrow’s adults.

PLUS – bonuses worth thousands of pounds for those who join on the day!

Dear Reader,

  • Do you enjoy working with young people?
  • Would you get satisfaction from helping ‘tomorrow’s adults’ create bigger, brighter futures
    for themselves?
  • Have you thought about coaching or NLP as a career and want a way of marketing your skills?

Gemma-Bailey-pic-2My name is Gemma Bailey and I have worked with young people all my life – As a qualified nursery nurse and more recently as a coach and therapist. I know how just one hour of positive and empowering time can impact a young person’s life.

Over the last 9 years, I have developed a series of skill sets, using NLP (neuro-linguistic programming – a series of techniques and tools that help to improve thinking patterns and attitude), coaching and hypnotherapy techniques that can completely change the attitude, motivation, confidence levels and self-esteem of a child or teenager.

Using these skills, you can – with children, teenagers parents & teachers:

  • Improve a child’s self-confidence with their peers or adults
  • Help improve exam results
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Turn anxious children into confident children
  • Transform troubled teenagers into positive young adults

I know, from the results my team and I have been getting in schools, in the community, and with private one-to-one clients that we, as adults, can make a difference to a young person’s life when we know how to approach the situation correctly with the right set of skills.

And this is what this special day is all about.

I’d like to introduce you to a new type of coaching and communication programme that has a ready-made audience – the millions of young people in the UK.

I have an extensive background in the youth sector will
demonstrate, by way of example and practical exercises:

  • How to motivate a young person to see their future differently
  • How to give a teenager a sense of destiny and control over their life
  • Why no child is ever a lost cause
  • How to inspire youngsters to contribute to their community

We’ll also show you how these skills can easily be marketed…

  • Into schools
  • Youth groups
  • Colleges
  • Private clients

By the end of the day you will know two things:

1. Whether you want to work with young people

2. Whether our unique combination of skills are ones you would like to learn in order to achieve amazing results with us, as part of our team.

Registration for this event is just one penny. The events cost us around £50 per person to set up and as such failure to attend will result in the full £50 charge being applied to your card.

However, I want to be totally transparent.

I’m not putting on this day to offer training. I’m putting it on so that you can see the approaches we use and you can then make an informed decision to invest (To be clear, this is a business opportunity and some of you will have the opportunity to become a licensed practitioner of NLP4Kids.) We also want to decide whether you are the right person for us, as we don’t take on everyone who wants to join the team.

Register now using the form opposite. It is important that you register now as the conference room has a limited number of seats and I am expecting these to ‘sell-out’ very quickly.


If you think this would be a good career move for you, I look forward to meeting you on the day in Hemel Hempstead.

Best wishes,



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Saturday 20th

February 2021

9:30am to 5.30pm

North London, HP1 2RE

Without giving too much away, we have put together a super offer for those people who resonate with our training.

If you have never trained in marketing - that's all included. If you have never trained in NLP - that's all included too!

And if you have - your top up/refresher kit is included!

Plus - we'll teach you the basic practice building skills that will turn this into a full time or part time income for you.

And - if you want to coach parents and teachers TOO - then we have a lovely surprise for you.

Registration for this event is just one penny. The events costs us around £50 per person to set up and as such failure to attend will result in the full £50 charge being applied to your card.

Saturday 20th

February 2021

9:30am to 5.30pm

North London, HP1 2RE

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