Welcome to the NLP4Kids Team- Priti Parekh

NLP4Kids are delighted to announce a new member to the NLP4Kids team. Priti Parekh, from Coventry, is very passionate in helping children and young people to reach their full potential in life. For a very long time, Priti has had a keen interest in personal growth and self-development, NLP has always intrigued Priti more than any other technique.

Priti work background is essentially in a small business, while her academic background is in the welfare of children and young people – which is why she decided to have a career change and work towards this cause.

Priti has volunteered and worked for Barnardos for over 5 years now and has recently delivered workshops to children in schools based on safeguarding, recognising and preventing abuse. Some of these workshops were also around the prevention of child sexual exploitation – commonly known as grooming.

Priti believes that children and young people are the gems of our society and that they should be given every opportunity to grow and develop into well balanced happy citizens. However, real life does not always reflect this.

Priti has acknowledge that we all have to face ups and downs throughout the course of our lifetimes. NLP can surely help with these times – how to face adversity, low emotion, low self-esteem, bereavement, bullying and how to navigate our lives when things don’t look so great.

Priti has four children of her own so she understands all too well the complexities of parenting, growing up and the benefits of a good education. When adversities do occur in children’s lives, they also become barriers to learning. By working in schools she feels like she is helping many children overcome these barriers so that they can go on to make a success of themselves and reach their highest potential in life moving forward.

Priti offers workshops and programmes for children and young people in groups and one to one therapy. Priti also works with parents who may need help with parenting issues (and there many issues as she know!) and also teachers on optimising teaching strategies through the use of NLP techniques. Priti believes that the real beauty of NLP is that it works fast and it works well! Stop struggling and give Priti a call today to book a free consultation to see how quickly we can work things out together.


Check out Priti web-page here: https://nlp4kids.org/practitioners/priti-parekh/


By Gemma Bailey
Director of NLP4Kids

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