NLP4Kids Home Study Training

We want to reach out to people who can’t attend our live NLP4Kids training and so……….

…………At last….we have created an NLP4Kids home study kit!

– The home study kit is less than half the price of our live training!

– We will post you out the hard physical copy of the manuals and study kit!

– You will have access to the same training resources via the manual and DVDs as our Licensed NLP4Kids Practitioners!

As a result of learning the skills of NLP4Kids, you will feel confident to work with children in one to one sessions, in workshops and in schools. There is also advice on practice marketing and set up. You’re getting the genuine article that we give our licensed practitioners.

It includes:

**Gaining rapport with children
**Working with assistants
**Setting ground rules for workshops
**The workshop contents, how to deliver them & what challenges you may have

and for a limited time only, you will also get access to the first 6 modules of the NLP4Kids accredited ONLINE training. That’s the training that people attend to become an NLP4Kids practitioner. Then, if you want to complete your accreditation at a later stage you can buy the additional modules on a pay as you go basis.

This programme is much loved because it:

  • Accelerates Your Business
  • Gives Significant Positive Impact on the Lives of Children & Teenagers
  • Earns You Money!
  • Feels Great to be Making a Difference!

The home study kit on offer contains

  • Over 150-page training manual
  • 7 DVDs of a live workshop with all the training components
  • 1 DVD of a one to one therapy session
  • 1 Audio CD of NLP4Kids techniques overview
  • 17 DVD’s of our live licensee training programme
  • Access to a “white copy” of NLP4Kids workbooks for you to use with your child/teen clients

This is our Second Edition Manual which has been updated to include these additional materials:

* Gillick Aware

* Working with Parents

* Child protection procedure

* CPD Code of ethics

* Ofsted and NLP4Kids

* NLP4Kids Therapeutic Interventions

* The NLP4Kids Prescription

And many more!

The regular price of our training is £10,000 but I’m offering you all these resources for a one-off payment of approx £3,300

Plus, for a limited time only, we’re also giving you access to the first 6 modules of the NLP4Kids silver level online training so that you can get a taste of our accredited courses.

Customers purchasing this kit outside of the EU will be subject to customs charges. It is your responsibility to research and pay these fees. 

Please do not underestimate the quality and importance of the information you are given in this study kit. Having a specialist area in which you work will massively increase your credibility and (bizarrely) increase the number of ALL clients you see even if they are not children – just because you are a specialist.

In addition, being a specialist means you can demand higher fees for your work.

Let me tell you a snapshot of my earnings from recently (based on my working 10 days – Yes! Only 10 days have gone towards my therapeutic work with NLP4Kids!)

One to One Therapy
(1-hour sessions, two half-days per week)
One local community workshop (4 hours)
10 children, €107.00/£95.00 per child.
(Decided to get someone else to run it so I took 50% of the profit.)
School Workshops
8 hours, 16 children
Over €14,590.00/£13,000.00 For a grand total of 10 days work – and I wasn’t even trying!

Let’s not forget too – this isn’t just about what you can gain. Mental health problems in young people are on the increase and in many parts of the world the methods used to help them are either not suited to that individual, not accessible or the help arrives too late.

As the problems increase in mental health, the services provided by the state (certainly in the UK) are decreasing. Parents, schools and health authorities are relying more on and will continue to rely more upon private practitioners.

Some people hear the words “mental health” and worry that this is the stuff of psychologists who have PhD’s and who have studied for years. That is true. What is also true is that whilst many people conjure up images of outright madness when the term mental health is used, it’s just about knowing how to have a healthy mind. Healthy minds are those with more positive thoughts than negative ones causing more happy feelings than sad ones. Common problems like stress, anxiety and phobias are all mental health problems, and crucially, they don’t need to be there. You don’t need to be a doctor to learn and teach simple, common-sense techniques to others that can help them become more in control of their feelings and emotions.

Using NLP with children isn’t about inconceivable spiritual principles, it’s not black magic, nor are we claiming to “fix” serious mental health issues (or discredit anyone else who does use other methods).

This is about giving young people access to simple, common-sense practical skills that improve their confidence, self-esteem and mental well-being. These skills can be useful in helping those who are experiencing difficulties to overcome them and even more importantly, give them techniques to enable them to avoid fears, worries and anxieties in the future.

This opportunity is especially suitable for overseas practitioners who cannot attend the live training with us or those who are unable to afford to undergo the NLP4Kids practitioner training or our franchising opportunities at this moment in time. In addition, as an owner of the manual, should you wish to attend training with us in the future, we will subtract the price you paid here today from the training fees.

Upon payment receipt, we will email you a white copy of the NLP4Kids workbooks (to carry your own branding) and a seal like this one to display on your website and marketing materials.

logo This logo lets people know that you have studied the NLP4Kids materials but does not entitle you to use the title NLP4Kids Practitioner, NLP4Kids Licensee or any combination of those titles to imply you have been trained and vetted by our organisation.

As someone who has an interest in working with young people, I’m sure you can fully understand that we only share our accreditation status with those we have DBS checked, reference checked, interviewed, trained and insured. We want to make sure that we are allowing only those we have personally verified to work with vulnerable children and young people “under our umbrella.”

In addition, this manual does not provide the ongoing marketing materials, monthly webinars or free retraining that our licensed practitioners enjoy.

Even though there is no formal certification with this home study kit, it is so comprehensive it has been verified by the Distance Learning Qualifications Standards Council as a valid learning tool.

The purpose of this manual is to improve your skills and techniques and to allow you to “dip your toes” into the world of NLP4Kids without making the full commitment to becoming a practitioner with us. You can also begin to benefit from fine-tuning your skills into a niche area to allow you to maximise your market by becoming a specialist in working with young people.

Here’s what Yashica in Australia told us about the NLP4Kids Home Study kit:

“I found the course material well organized and clear to follow. The CD set is an invaluable addition that supplements the course material.

I must compliment you on a great resource which adds to what we already have. Loved the course and I look forward to applying my new founded skills. Thanks, Gemma!”

Melanie from the UK said:

“Gemma Baileys ‘NLP4Kids’ home study kit is an excellent way for overseas students or those who need the flexibility of studying at their own pace, to access this fantastic NLP toolkit. The toolkit comprises of DVDs, a comprehensive manual and CDs.
The DVDs are filmed training sessions run by Gemma so it’s easy to feel that you are apart of the sessions too.
The manual walks you through all you need to know to set up your own business and this is complemented by an invaluable DVD where Gemma shares hints and tips that she’s learnt during the early years of her business.
There is even a one to one session with a lovely ‘real’ client of Gemma’s.
It’s great that you can fit the training in around your personal circumstances and Gemma and her team are always on hand to offer support and advice.”

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