Our Team

NLP4Kids was founded by Gemma Bailey and Kay Gill. Both are hypnotherapists and trainers in NLP and they met whilst on an NLP trainers training course. Gemma and Kay have had many years experience working with children in a therapeutic setting and conducting the NLP4Kids workshops. In addition their previous experiences with children include Kay as a mother, and Gemma as a qualified Nursery Nurse.

Gemma has now taken on the responsibility of training others in the unique skills taught on the NLP4Kids workshops and in NLP4Kids private therapy sessions and directs the company. Every month the team of NLP4Kids practitioners (who have all attended our NLP4Kids education franchise training) join in a webinar to share ideas, discuss our marketing strategies and to offer continual professional development. This means a child works with one of our NLP4Kids practitioners, they also benefit from a team of experts offering further ideas and support on a regular on going basis.

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Our team members have a minimum qualification of an NLP Practitioner qualification, are CRB/DBS checked, and insured. They have completed both a written and verbal application process before being accepted to attend our training course and are continuously assessed throughout the training they attend. As well as attending a monthly webinar have had intensive training with Gemma Bailey in the application of NLP specifically when working with children.

We only take on the best candidates and continue to assess our licensees throughout their education franchise term. Not everyone is successful at becoming an NLP4Kids practitioner as we want to ensure we are providing a high quality service, and those who are unsuccessful are offered further support to help them complete the training- though success is not a given.

The team also attend further retraining every 3 years as a minimum to ensure their skills are kept up to scratch and to offer new modules to their existing qualifications. Every year each team member receives some one to one time with Gemma Bailey, the co-founder of NLP4Kids, where she observes them working and appraises their work.

The team element is an important part of NLP4Kids. Often therapists are lone workers and miss out on contact with others who work in a similar role. We actively encourage our team members to communicate and help each other via our online forum and in the monthly webinars because we feel it creates a healthier working environment. This enables each individual member of the team to provide a greater spectrum of resources when teaching and helping the children they are working with.