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Jul 8 2024

I have been working with children and young people now for over twenty-four years and love the awe and wonder they have when learning about how they work and how our world works. The best part is what I call the light bulb moment when they understand a[…]

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Jul 1 2024

I had the opportunity to attend an event with the NLP4Kids team where we delved into the topic of resilience. Together, we compiled a comprehensive list of strategies that we believe are incredibly valuable in nurturing and fostering resilience in young individuals. We unanimously agreed that developing resilience[…]

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Jun 1 2024

Last month, we focused on the striking similarities between ADHD and Anxiety in our article. This month, I wanted to delve deeper into this vast topic. At my therapy clinic, I work extensively with both children and parents, providing them with support and strategies to cope with anxiety[…]

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May 1 2024

If you happen to know a young person who is struggling with anxiety, I highly recommend enrolling them in ‘The Overcome Anxiety Programme’. This program, which takes 10 weeks to complete, has been scientifically proven to boost confidence, reduce anxiety, and alleviate feelings of depression. In fact, a[…]

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Apr 22 2024

It’s much more than a paper aeroplane… fun and effective exercise to help children with anxiety. I want to let you how great the paper plane exercise can be. It’s not just about folding paper and throwing it out the window. It’s a special way for kids to[…]

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Apr 15 2024

…Building Confidence for Life’s Adventures Let’s talk about confidence—what it means for our kids and why it’s a game-changer. Drawing from my experience as a mother and a child and young person’s NLP4kids therapist, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact of building confidence in young minds. Let’s explore the[…]

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Apr 1 2024

Sometimes, as parents, we may find ourselves being overly protective of our children due to our own anxieties. We might be afraid to let them take on responsibilities or explore new adventures because we worry that something bad might happen. However, by denying them these opportunities, we are[…]

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Mar 1 2024

I’m going to share with you a valuable tip on how to teach your young ones to be more resilient and to help them become braver, tougher, and stronger in challenging situations. Growing up, I had the privilege of spending a lot of time with my grandparents, who[…]

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Feb 1 2024

The first step we must take is to establish respect among the young individuals in our lives. Respect entails valuing others and treating them with dignity and kindness. At NLP4Kids, we firmly believe that respect begins with self-respect. By learning to respect ourselves, we can better understand the[…]

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Jan 23 2024

We all know someone who describes themselves as “a little OCD” they are meaning that they might like things to be neat, tidy, and organised in a specific way. That is not OCD, that is just liking things to be a certain way. I used to describe the[…]

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