Our practitioners in East London can help children and teenagers quickly get over the challenges such as emotional stress, anxieties and poor communications skills by holding one to one therapy and workshops with them, parents and teachers.

Hypnosis relaxes your mind and the conscious mind, which thinks logically, is made to become less active allowing easier and more effective communication to the brain. While some children go in a deep trance with their eyes closed, other children are more suited to the state of awakened trance. During the state of awakened trance the East London practitioner would wait for the subtle changes in awareness of the child while he is playing or listening to a story or carrying out activity such as colouring. Once the state of awakened trance is achieved the East London therapist, who is an expert at teaching strategies, would start communicating his message to the unconscious mind. The conscious mind of the child is fully aware of the surrounding and would wake up in case on an unusual situation arising. The sessions are completely safe with the only side effect being the child falling off to sleep.