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Aug 18 2011

Struggling to concentrate is a problem that most people face in their lifetime. Lack of concentration in children is so common, as a child it is harder to focus as your imagination is constantly on the go and unfortunately sometimes, what’s going on in a child’s mind will[…]

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Jul 15 2011

There is so much that horses can teach us about life.   Horses have been described as “authenticity meters” and in my experience this is so true.  They see beyond the mask that we put on and through to the real core of the person.  They know when someone[…]

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Jul 8 2011

I have for you, a one-off exciting invitation to interact with the NLP4Kids team and learn some brilliant skills to help you help others. On 16th August 2011, Olive Hickmott, specialist in numeracy and literacy problems, will be joining the NLP4Kids team for a very special training day,[…]

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Jun 9 2011
Nov 21 2010

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