Nurturing Child-Friendly Therapy Sessions

Creating a positive and effective therapy experience from a child’s point of view requires a thoughtful and child-centred approach. Here are some steps to help make therapy sessions more child-friendly:

1 Choose a Child-Friendly Therapist:

◦ Look for a therapist who specialises in child therapy and has experience working with children of your child’s age group.

2 Prepare for the First Session:
◦ Explain to your child what therapy is in a simple and age-appropriate way. Use language they can understand, such as “talking to a helper”

◦ Address any fears or concerns your child may have about therapy. Be honest and reassuring.

3 Create a Safe and Comfortable Environment:
◦ Ensure the therapy room is welcoming and child-friendly, with age-appropriate toys, books, and art supplies.

◦ Let your child bring a comfort item, like a favourite stuffed animal, if it helps them feel secure.

4 Establish Trust:

◦ Allow your child to develop a rapport with the therapist at their own pace. It’s important that they feel safe and comfortable with the therapist.

5 Encourage Open Communication:
◦ Encourage your child to express themselves freely without judgment. Let them know it’s okay to share their thoughts and feelings.

◦ Model open communication by sharing your own feelings and experiences when appropriate.

6 Set Realistic Goals:
◦ Collaborate with the therapist to set age-appropriate therapy goals that are specific and achievable.

◦ Celebrate progress and small victories along the way.

7 Be Consistent:

◦ Ensure that your child attends therapy sessions regularly and on time. Consistency helps build trust and routine for the child.

8 Respect Privacy:

◦ Understand that the therapist may not share everything that happens during the sessions with you, as they need to maintain a sense of privacy and confidentiality for the child.

9 Practice Coping Skills:

◦ Work with the therapist to teach your child age-appropriate coping skills and strategies for managing emotions.

10 Be Patient:
◦ Understand that progress in therapy may take time. Be patient and supportive throughout the process.

Remember that every child is unique, and what works for one child may not work for another.

At Child Therapy Telford I am currently offering FREE 30-40 min consultation. It creates a secure, welcoming environment for the child to connect with me, build trust, and grow comfortable within the therapeutic setting, effectively easing any apprehensions or worries.

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