Children and teenagers face a variety of challenges in day-to-day life such as poor communication skills, anxiety, stress and lack of emotional managements. Our practitioners based in the East Midlands are on hand to help and build for a strong and positive future.

The effectiveness of the treatment and the number of sessions required would be determined after our East Midlands based practitioners have had a meeting with the child. Awakened trance can be created while the child is busy playing games or colouring or listening to a story. When the practitioner determines that the child has achieved the state of awakened trance by observing the small changes in his awareness level he would start communicating his message. During the entire session the child is never out of control as his conscious mind in always be there in background and would wake up if anything unusual is spoken.

Debbie Kinghorn

• Face to Face Sessions • Online Does your child refuse to go to school? Perhaps they are being bullied? Maybe they’re anxious about moving up a school year, starting a new school or sitting exams? These are all significant challenges that many children face and don’t have[…]

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Areas Covered: Derby, Sheffield, Nottingham, Mansfield, Chesterfield