An Attitude of Gratitude: Children and Young People

If you remind yourself of the thing to be grateful for every single day, your brain will start looking out for other good stuff in your world to feel good about. So having an attitude of gratitude doesn’t just make you a nicer person, it makes you a happier and more positive one too. 

Gratitude can train your brain to ignore more of the bad things in life and ‘tune into’ more of the good things and to see those grid things as bigger and bolder. 

Christmas is the perfect time to have an attitude of gratitude as there are lots of gifts, lots of food and for many people, a lot of time with friends and family too. 

When you feel as if you have more luck and gratitude you will be a better person to be around and you’ll want to help others. 

If you acknowledge others and tell them how grateful you are, they will want to do even more for you.


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