Stop Being So “Pink”!: Children & Young People

I have a theory about anxiety and worry and it relates to the colour pink. NOTE: This video isn’t just for little girls. There are plenty of teenagers, boys and young men who also have a ‘pink’ attitude. 

Being pink means that you can’t solve your own problems – the solutions are not in you but outside of you. If you’re pink, it’s someone else’s job to save you and everyone else needs to pity you and comfort you. And despite living in a pink world, you think in a pretty black and white way. Things are either good or bad. There’s no reality in-between. 

My biggest problem with the hyper-feminine, pink thinking is the lack of a strong, independent, bold disagreeable internal (and external) voice that is essential to maintain healthy self-esteem. This isn’t so much about the Disney Princess syndrome used to elevate ones worth when dating or subscribing to a certain style of dress, it’s about the mindset that holds you in a cutesy-eye-lash-fluttering baby voice that complains that no one loves you enough. 

By all means, bathe in glitter and stars but remember, the horn on a unicorns head is not there for decoration. It’s there to stab someone in the eye if they overstep the line. 

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