Debbie Kinghorn, Our NLP4Kids Practitioner Returns to Derbyshire

One of our NLP4Kids Practitioners, Debbie K has recently returned to her home county of Derbyshire and we’re so pleased to have her flying the NLP4Kids flag across the East Midlands.

Debbie has been with NLP4Kids for over 4 years. After spending time in the corporate world training company leaders to develop their potential using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Debbie decided to go back to her roots, build on her psychology degree and train to become an NLP therapist working with children and parents.

Debbie specialises in anxiety, bullying and confidence building. Debbie works with children to identify the root cause of their anxiety and develop new tools and techniques to eliminate the problems and provides them with new empowering alternative actions. She provides this support through: 1 to 1 coaching and group confidence building sessions. Debbie works privately and in schools, teaching children and young adults how to build confidence, eliminate the trauma of past events, providing them with the tools and techniques to develop valuable relationships.

In addition, Debbie acknowledges how challenging it can be for parents and carers to experience their child going through such difficult times. For this reason, she provides extra support to parents, giving you additional tools and techniques to use at home to reinforce your child’s learning and boost their confidence even further.

If you are a parent or carer in Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire and you feel your child is struggling with anxiety, being bullied or has lost their confidence or you’re a teacher and you’d like some 1 to 1 support for a child or multiple children in your class, please give Debbie a call on 07747 090871 or email her at: for a FREE initial consultation.

Debbie has recently written an article, inspired by her recent move, to help parents to reduce the levels of anxiety their children may feel whilst moving home, giving 5 easy to implement steps. You can read Debbie’s new article here.


By Gemma Bailey


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