How to Deal with Hate on Social Media (Part 2)

In addition to becoming more resilient so that you can see those comments and let them slide, there is another serious thing for you to consider. And that is simply blocking the people who made the comments. By responding to hateful comments you are giving that person your time and energy – and do you really want to do that? Maybe you could just block them and be done with it! And, do you even really need that particular social media stream? I know that for some people certain social media streams are more of a problem than others, and certain social media streams are more important to you than others. If you are unable to control who can access your profile, if you are unable to block certain people or prevent anonymous messages, then do you really want to be there?

Resilience is only ever going to get you so far; intelligence gets you the rest of the way. So make intelligent decisions about who you’re interacting with and where you’re interacting with them. You might be able to make some better, and more intelligent decisions which will save you the need to become tougher and more robust against those hateful comments. If you can eliminate those hateful comments in the first place then that is a much better strategy.

Also, limit what you share with your followers or friends. Especially if you do not know all of them. Do they need to know what school your children go to? Or where you’re next moving too? This goes for pictures you post too. Once they are posted on the internet, they are on the internet forever. Is it going to be something you regret in the future?

Managing how to deal with social media hate is very important as it can lead to many different issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and sleep deprivation. These are all issues that are becoming increasingly common especially with young people.

Always remember you do not have to suffer in silence. All social media platforms will have a report button or page. Also, letting others know. You won’t be the first person to experience social media hate and you won’t be the last. Hateful comments or hate on social media can also be reported to the police as it is cyberbullying.

If you are struggling with negativity on social media, then book a FREE consultation with me in my Hertfordshire therapy clinic today. Alternatively, contact us to find out more about our workshops for anti-bullying and how using NLP techniques can help you to change the way you view negativity on social media.

So go forth! Enjoy your social media, follow NLP4Kids on everything that you possibly can to access more tips and make better decisions about how, when, where and who you interact on social media.

By Gemma Bailey

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