Welcome to the NLP4Kids Team- Tamsin Moore-Jones

NLP4Kids are delighted to announce a new member to the NLP4Kids team. Tamsin Moore-Jones, from Peterborough, is our newest NLP4Kids Practitioner. Tamsin offers a safe nurturing space and positive support for children and families dealing with both the day to day hurdles and more complex struggles we all experience from time to time as we strive for fulfilled lives and happy homes.

As a certified NLP4Kids Practitioner and experienced Primary School Teacher, Tamsin specialism lies in supporting youngsters to address issues with confidence, anxiety and self-esteem and to help them to develop emotional resilience, meaningful relationships inside and outside of the family and more awareness of how their thinking, behaviour and communication hold the keys to a happy, successful future.

Prior to training with NLP4Kids, Tamsin spent over two decades working with children and parents teaching in a variety of schools. This experience of the ups and downs of children’s daily life and learning enabled Tamsin to develop very specific skills in working with a wide range of parents and youngsters across their own individual circumstances.

Tamsin learned that we could all do with our own tool box of NLP skills to help us get the best out of life. Through her training and experience she has developed a wealth of supportive techniques she can offer your child in managing exam stress, bullying issues and SEND and other school related concerns.

Tamsin is also able to support both younger children and teenagers with developing learning strategies, concentration and motivation for success. As a mum and step mum of four teenagers, Tamsin has recognise the importance for parents and children to find peace and happiness at home. No two families are the same, but the beauty of NLP is that it can always be there for us in times of need.

NLP provides us with many handy tips and ideas for anchoring positive states even when times feel tough, setting goals and achieving our dreams. NLP is solution focused and positive, often effecting lasting change in a short space of time on issues we may have struggled with for years, such as fears and phobias, anger issues and trauma from the past.

NLP can have a lasting impact on a child’s life. Its power is life changing and children love it because it gives them fascinating new insights, teaches them whole new ways of looking at the world and is, just as importantly, a whole load of fun! It is my absolute passion and joy to specialise in working with children and families to build well-being, confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Tamsin offers private one to one NLP therapy sessions as well as conducting NLP Workshops for children (also, parents and teachers) within schools or other community settings. Please take up her offer of a FREE (without obligation) consultation (worth £90) to find out if NLP could be the right direction to help your child.

Tamsin is located at both Feathers Holistic Centre, Orchardside, Frognall, Deeping St. James, Peterborough PE6 8RP and Soul Happy Wellbeing Centre, 18 Cowgate, Peterborough PE1 1NA.

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