Children & Teenagers: How to Deal with Hate on Social Media

Have you ever had a hateful comment on social media? If so, how did you deal with it?

For some people, they forget their manners when they’re behind a screen. They perhaps feel it is a way to let our their anger and spitefulness with more anonymity and more confidence than they’d have in real life. However they forget that it’ not ok to treat others like a punching bag or to have fun at their expense.

I’ve seen social media do wonderful things in the world – connecting people and creating friendships and relationships that last a life time, but I’ve also seen the darker side and the effects on people when something is said or written about them online. The damage can be real, even if the words are simply letters on a screen.

Find out how to reduce your reaction towards hateful comments on social media and remember to like and subscribe before you leave 🙂


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