How to Stop Holding a Grudge: Children and Young People

If only letting go and moving on was as easy as it sounds! Why is it sometimes we feel like we will make our point better or be more acknowledged if we make it known that we are dissatisfied with the outcome?

This is often not the most efficient way to get your feelings or the point you were trying to make, recognised. In fact, it can do the opposite. I remember one time on Facebook, seeing a rant someone had posted about how unfair it is that illegal immigrants get to claim UK benefits. But the reality is, they can’t claim benefits, because they’re in the country illegally. The inaccuracy in the argument invalidated the point the author had tried to make. Sometimes it’s not an inaccuracy but our reaction or emotions that invalidate the point we want to make. And whilst there are other ways to explore making your point known, there’s also a lot of truth in life being unfair and that you can’t always get what you want – in fact you often don’t. So is it really worthwhile holding a grudge?


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