The Overcome Anxiety Programme

Gemma Bailey is the presenter and creator of the Overcome Anxiety Programme with NLP4Kids. She has an extensive background in working with children and young people and several successful companies in the Psychological Services industry. One is People Building which is a personal development franchise that provides training and coaching sessions for adults who are seeking support in mental and emotional wellbeing. She also has NLP4Kids which is a therapeutic coaching service available to children, schools and families. In between creating podcasts, and YouTube videos and writing a couple of books she also managed to squeeze in a university-led study into one of the NLP4Kids programs for children and its the Overcome Anxiety programme.

Gemma did this first back in a pilot study which was incredibly successful although it was just a small group they were able to reduce anxiety levels. In addition, they were able to reduce levels of depression which Gemma hadn’t been aiming for and was not anticipated you can find out more about the results here:

Gemma recorded the entire Overcome Anxiety program into a video series and she had the most fun creating it. Gemma Bailey, the director of NLP4Kids, is confident that your child will overcome their anxiety as a result of watching all videos but they’re going to have the best time doing it. Gemma is confident about that so she offering you a money-back guarantee when you purchase the programme, no questions asked if for any reason it doesn’t work out for them just let us know and we will give you a full refund. If your child has ever attended any kinds of sessions for help with their anxiety in the past and found them to be dull or overwhelming or just uninspiring we can guarantee you they will feel very differently about these videos you’re going to find these videos are full of energy. There are animations including clips from some of their favourite movies.

If you’re in any way uncertain about subscribing to the Overcomer anxiety program please take a really good look at the comments on this page ( some are from parents some are from the children and young people who went through the program and just see what people have said about the program. You’re going to be receiving these videos in a secure online portal every week. For 10 full weeks, they are drip-fed to you meaning that you don’t get them all at once you don’t get to binge-watch them. Gemma would like you to go through them in a digestible way so that you get to take on board all of the strategies that each video offers you.

Of course, we all know someone who is anxious these days and that means that you now have a responsibility to share this page with the other people that you know and care about so please take note of the URL link above so that’s the name of the website the link at the top and make sure that you share it on your Facebook, your Twitter and your LinkedIn. I can guarantee you there are people that you know who would also really value this program and remember for you too there is no point in muddling through miserably if you have an anxious child at home when the solution that you need is already available right here in front of you right now.

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By Gemma Bailey

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