Helping Children and Young People Overcome Anxiety

When talking about child therapy anxiety is one of the hot topics of conversation. Anxiety is an intense feeling of fear or worry. Both of these are natural feeling but can cause a problem if a child feels unable to gain control of these emotions or if they are struck with a sudden anxiety attack that causes unwanted physiological symptoms.

Some children and young people worry more than others, and find situations that others deal with effortlessly, a problem. The anxiety may be caused because of a particular disruption in their lives or routines, such as changing schools or changes in family circumstances or the anxiety may be more “self imposed” by putting too much pressure on themselves to achieve.

Others are more predisposed to anxiety because of their personalities or learned behaviours from others around them who may have been particularly anxious characters in the child’s early life. Obviously traumatic experiences also can cause anxiety later on.

By comparission to stress which tends to create tension, anxiety and causes a greater feeling of weakness and panic or worry.

Anxiety is often difficult for children and young people to describe so symptoms of this will often be identified from the young persons behaviour. Separation anxiety, restlessness, sleep issues, panic attacks and stomach problems may be related to feelings of anxiety.

In our one day workshops for Parents, Teachers and Coaches, our NLP4Kids practitioners will share with you strategies and techniques from specialist child therapy that have effectively helped many children and young people alleviate and overcome anxiety.

As a result of attending these trainings you will learn:

  • Techniques to show young people how to gain control of their emotions.
  • Tools to prevent and reject negative unwanted thoughts.
  • Strategies for controlling the physical symptoms of anxiety.
  • Techniques to help young people gain a more realistic perception of stressful scenarios.
  • How to reduce stress caused by environmental factors that they may not be able to change or impact upon.
  • Using positive reinforcement to generate new default reactions to old problematic triggers of anxiety.
  • Creating an environment for a young person that aids independent control of their emotions

These workshops are suitable for…

  • Parents
  • Teachers and teaching staff
  • Coaches
  • Youth workers
  • Child Therapists

…who have contact with children or young people aged 7 – 17 years.

*This type of workshop is not suitable for children or young people and we do not have provisions to care for them during this workshop.

The day will consist of practical activities and exercises, sharing of case studies as well as teachings from the NLP4Kids framework. Workbooks will be provided on the day and certificates of attendance will also be provided.

To find out more about available workshops

Call the NLP4Kids HQ on 0203 66 77 294

Or email

By Gemma Bailey

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