How to Stop Children Growing Up Too Fast: Parents and Professionals

Here are 8 top tips about how to let the children you care about make the most of their childhood and avoid somersaulting into the adult world too soon and the effects it can have if we do not proactively help children being over-exposed to adult content, material and media.

We’re all well aware of the negative effects that the media has in misrepresenting the human physical form, creating unrealistic idealism’s that young people feel the need to achieve in order to have the perfect body. I’ve worked first-hand with not just teenagers who self harm but children of primary school age who have learned to hate their bodies because they do not feel they fit the standards that society has set.

I’ve worked with boys and girls who have lost dangerous amounts of weight because they think they are fat when they are not and young girls whose ‘nudes’ have ended up on the internet because they felt pressured to display themselves as sexy women.

I have a particular distaste for LOL Surprise Dolls and Na Na Na surprise dolls, which I’ll tell you more about in this video, and why I’ve started a petition to remove them from UK retailers.

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