NLP4Kids Therapist in West London

Javier works with children to make them aware of their confidence, successful patterns and inner strengths to enhance their performance at school and thereby have more fulfilling personal, social and family lives.

The types of situations Javier deals with include lack of confidence, poor concentration, exam anxiety, aggressive behaviour, substance abuse and bullying.

After each session the children and Javier work with their parents to share the learnings and steps for the future, in order to boost the effect from the sessions and work towards permanent improvements.

Javier always offers a free consultation (approx 45 minutes) in which Javier can assess the situation and the best way forward. The consultation is absolutely free, Javier will share his views and recommendations afterwards and you will be totally free to decide if you want to proceed any further.

Javier is a fully qualified NLP and NLP4kids practitioner. Javier discovered his fascination with NLP as he was driven by the capabilities that everyone has within them to continually improve their lives. Helping children acquire those skills and the confidence needed to use them early in life is like a dream come true for Javier.

Additionally, Javier works as Senior Client Director and Personal Development Coach for the marketing consultancy company Dunnhumby. Previously he has held different marketing positions for several multinational companies including Gillette, Burger King and Yakult.

Javier is married and has two daughters; Sofia is 6 years old and Ana is 5 years old. He devotes all his free time to them and his wife and when he has a bit of time to spare he loves doing outdoors sports.

NLP4Kids is an international organisation which provides one to one therapy and workshops in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey, Cambridgeshire, London, Kent, Cheshire, Birmingham, Essex and Berkshire which are used in schools and in the community to tackle issues such as self esteem, confidence, bullying, exam stress, phobias and eating disorders to name but a few. All of our practitioners are qualified in NLP and hypnotherapy and have completed specialist qualifications in working with children, teenagers and students. Javier has been working with children using NLP in West London since 2011. Visit for more information.

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